2022 Laws

Overall Summary

SB 1214

  • Sample Waiver Form  - a sample waiver form for obtaining permission from copyright holders to make plans public. This waiver is included in the City of Burlingame's PC application to allow the city to post plans submitted with applications on the city's website as part of the Planning approval process and waive any claims against the city arising out of related to such action - PDF

2021 Laws

SB 9


    • *NEW* Using SB 9 for your Sites Inventory - explains strategies (and challenges) for using SB9 sites in your sites inventory - Word
    • Coastal Commission Memo on SB 9 - 13 page memo outlines how the coastal act and SB9 interact (2022)- PDF
    • *NEW* FAQs - Word 
    • *NEW* SB 9 Planner Worksheet- Word
    • Sample Staff MemoWord 
    • Slide Deck Presentation - Powerpoint
    • *NEW* Graphic (for professional audiences)- PDF and Word
    • Graphic (for public audiences) - PDF
    • Legal SummaryWord
    • Sample Photographs - Word 
    • *NEW* Sample Ordinance - Word
    • *NEW* Application Checklist- Word
    • *NEW* Sample Forms 
      • Sample Deed Restriction Two Unit Development- Word
      • Sample Deed Restriction Lot Split- Word
      • Sample Prior Tenancies Affidavit- Word
      • Sample Owner Occupancy Affidavit- Word
    • Jurisdiction Plans - Google doc

Webinars and Q/A Sessions 


Jurisdiction products - SB 9 and 10 

    • Overview Presentation, Burlingame City Council, Oct. 2021 - slide deck
    • Staff Report, Burlingame City Council, Oct. 2021 - word doc
    • Zoning Districts and Allowable Uses for City of Burlingame - word doc


Other Laws 

  • 2021 New Housing Laws, a presentation by Goldfarb and Lipman, LLP, slide deck and recording
  • *NEW* 2021 New Housing Legislation Summary- Word

2020 Laws

2020 law powerpoint and word summary

SB 50

SB 50 Updated Summary (January 15, 2020) summarizes bill including January 6th revisions and amendments

SB 50 January 6th Amendments Summary (January 15, 2020) separete one-pager summarizing January 6, 2020 amendments

Maps from May 2019 Mapping Project

- Countywide Map

- Atherton, East Palo Alto and Menlo Park area

- Belmont, Foster City, San Carlos and San Mateo Area

- Burlingame, Hillsborough and Millbrae area

- Brisbane, Colma, Daly City, Pacifica, San Bruno and South San Francisco area

- Redwood City area 


2019 Laws

Summary of 2019 Housing Bills Signed into Law (November 19, 2019) an overview of the most impactful new housing legislation and what jurisdictions will need to do to be in compliance

Table of 2019 Housing Bills Signed into Law (November 12, 2019) a table categorizing new housing legislation by action required or important to know

Staff Report 2019 Housing Bills Signed into Law (December 2019)

CA Housing Legislation 2019 Graphic by Alfred Twu (September 25, 2019) an illustrated sketch of the remaining housing legislation prior to adoption



2019 Housing Bills Signed Into Law (November 19, 2019) an accompanying presentation to the Summary of 2019 Housing Bills Signed Into Law

Staff Report 2019 Housing Bills Signed into Law Presentation (December 2019)


Additional New Laws Resources and Infographics

Surplus Lands Act (AB 1486) Infographic (January 23, 2019) an informational graphic illustrating the process for inventorying, declaring and disposing of surplus land

2 Step Application and Approval Process (SB 330) Infographic (November 19, 2019) an informational graphic illustrating the main process and approval changes for qualifying residential developments

Affordability Levels Summary Table (November 19, 2019) a table with the percent of households by income levels in the jurisdictions of San Mateo County

Goldfarb + Lippman Tenant Protections Summary (November 5, 2019)  a detailed summary of AB 1482 - Tenant Protections Act of 2019 - and other related new housing laws 


SB 50

SB 50 Draft Summary (May 7, 2019)

Potential Impact of SB 50 San Mateo Countywide Map (April 2019)

Upzoning CA: Implications of SB 50 for Bay Area Neighborhoods (Urban Displacement Project, April 2019)

Mapping Opportunities in CA (by Urban Displacement Project and Terner Center for Housing Innovation)

Mapping Opportunities in CA Mapping Process 

SB 50 Process Graphic (April 2019 by Alfred Twu)


2018 Laws

21 Elements New Laws Work Plan



21 Elements Presentation - 2017 Housing Package Summary (March 2018)

Goldfarb + Lipman Presentation (Planning Directors) - Impact of 2017 Housing Legislation on Public Agencies (October 2017)


HAA and SB 35

Goldfarb Summary

HAA Short summary

SB 35 Short Summary

Application Checklist - Concord

Architects Meeting Summary (08/22/18)

2018 New and Upcoming Laws Summary (10/2/18)


Housing Element Laws

Short Summary of New Housing Element Laws

Data Requested in New APR Forms

Summary of 2018 Housing Laws

RHNA 5 and RHNA 6 site comparison (DRAFT)


ADU Laws

2019 ADU New Laws Summary (January 23, 2020) An overview of the combined impact of the six ADU bills signed into law in 2019, in effect as of January 1, 2020

21 Elements Implementation Guidance and Checklist

Goldfarb and Lipman Webinar Slides and Webinar

State Law - As Chaptered

Goldfarb and Lipman Law Alert

HCD Guidance Cover Letter and Memo 

More information on second units is available here.