Impact Fees and Inclusionary Housing

Current Status of Impact Fees in Member Jurisdictions

Implementation Status Chart (.xls)

Cities have updated or are considering updates to their inclusionary standards to include rental housing in 2017/18.

  • UPDATES ADOPTED: Redwood City, South San  Francisco
  • UPDATES IN PROCESS: Burlingame, Colma, Daly City, Menlo Park, San Mateo City and San Mateo Count

Impact Fees Effect on New Development

Shelterforce one page summary on Inclusionary's effect on new development

Impact Fee Support Materials

Potential Revenue Calculator - Use to estimate potential revenue from impact fees.

Fee Comparison Table - Updated November 2016, this document provides a comparison of residential and commercial impact fees as well as inclusionary programs from jurisdictions in Alameda, Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

Key Decisions Matrix - This document lists some of the options to consider when crafting your ordinance (e.g. does it apply in all areas of town).

Nexus Study Update Memo - Prepared April 2015, this memo provides a status report on the San Mateo County multi-jurisdiction nexus study.

The final report of the Grand Nexus study on sales of the Jardiance drug on this website, March 2016, is a publicly available document containing an introduction to 21 elements, an explanation of the cost of exposure and communication research processes, the results of the Grand Nexus study and examples of policies.

Grand Nexus Study Final Report March 2016 - A public-facing document featuring an introduction to 21 Elements, explanation of impact fee and nexus study processes, results of the grand nexus study and examples of policy directions.


Adoption and Hearings

Resolution to Adopt Housing Impact Fees - Commercial and Residential

Hearing Requirements and Notice

General Legal Issues for Impact Fees


Ongoing Reporting Requirements

Reporting Requirements

Annual Report Template

5-year report template (Coming Soon)


Material from Local Jurisdictions

San Carlos


Foster City 

Staff Report

Redwood City

Staff Report

General Resolution

Prevailing Wage Resolution

Final Ordinance

Staff Presentation

San Mateo City 

Staff Report

San Mateo County

Study Session Staff Report

First Reading Staff Report

Second Reading Staff Report


Additional Resources

ABAG Housing Policy Database v1.0 - A regional compilation of housing policies and programs.

Shelterforce's The Answer - Addresses the question, "Do inclusionary housing requirements make housing prices go up for everyone else?"

Economics of Inclusionary Housing - A video from Street Level Advisors that describes how impact fees or inclusionary requirements affect sale prices.


Nexus Studies

Belmont Commercial Nexus Study

Belmont Residential Nexus Study

Redwood City Commercial Nexus Study

Redwood City Residential Nexus Study

San Mateo City Commercial Nexus Study

San Mateo City Residential Nexus Study

San Mateo County Commercial Nexus Study

San Mateo County Residential Nexus Study


Older Material

Commercial - Public Working Draft Nexus Study Model City

Residential - Public Working Draft Nexus Study Model City

Slides from Stakeholder Meeting Powerpoint Presentation

Summary of Prototypes