Community Engagement

Click HERE for the Lets Talk Housing page and a complete library of all related materials.


Community Outreach Summary 

  • RHNA 6 Outreach Summary editable template that includes summaries of all countywide efforts, key takeaways, and instructions.
  • Demographic Outreach Tool Template compare total outreach event attendence and polling results to your jurisdiction's most recent U.S. Census data and automatically generate tables and charts. Click to download then read Instructions tab.


Countywide Meeting and Webinar Summaries

Stakeholder Listening Sessions 

  • Session 1 Fair Housing Summary PDF Word
  • Session 2 Housing Advocates Summary PDF Word
  • Session 3 Developers/Builders Summary PDF Word
  • Session 4 Service Providers Summary PDF Word

Creating an Affordable Future Webinar Series 

  • Webinar Series Summary PDF Word

 Introducton to the Housing Element Countywide Meetings

  • Jurisdiction Meeting Summaries and Appendices Folder


Housing Stories

  • Our Stories: Housing in San Mateo County PDF Word - Quotes collected by Let's Talk Housing about people's housing experiences. 


Equity Advisory Group

See outreach summary above for description


Outreach Best Practices 

These resources help you center equity and inclusion in all your outreach efforts. 


Tools and Tips 

Zoom Tips

  • Zoom Interpretation Function Training video and slide deck - Quick training on the Zoom simultaneous interpretation function for multilingual meetings.

  • ABAG Zoom tips (May 2021).

Social Media  

  • ABAG's Social Media Toolkit helps jurisdictions communicate with their residents about Housing Element updates (October 2021)

Tools for Online Meetings 

  • Mentimeter is an online tool for creating word clouds.

  • Miro or Mural are tools for virtual whiteboards. Collect feedback and ideas from meeting participants in real time. 


21 Elements Engagement Plan