Covid and Shelter-in-Place Resources 

Virtual Inspections/Electronic Resources

Draft Virtual Inspection Options - Summary of eight popular free and fee platforms for video building inspections. 

Blitzz - Web-based video tool used by the County of San Mateo for inspections that works on any device a SMS text can be recieved on. Does not require sharing phone number and includes tools like circling/pointing at screen shots or photos during calls.

Cisco Webex - Some building inspection departments are using this for virtual inspections, and could also be used for meetings of 100-200 people.

San Bernardino Virtual Inspection Tool - being used by San Mateo City.

GoToMeeting - Menlo Park using for Planning Commisssion meeting along with closed chambers, email/voicemail for public comment before meeting that is read aloud by clerk during meeting. Could be used for virtual inspections.

Speak Up San Mateo - San Mateo City created discussion board on their website to be used for public meetings. Comments are submitted and read aloud by clerk during meeting.

Zoom - Used by multiple jurisdictions (Atherton, East Palo Alto, Hillsborough, Redwood City, San Carlos) for commission and council meetings and could be used for virtual inspections.


Project and Team Management Software

Bluebeam Revu - contractors using to keep teams on same page through design, construction and completion.

GreenVue - Brisbane using for building permits and project planning.

Plan Grid - San Mateo City using for large multi-family and affordable housing developments to track as-builts with plans and make it easier to monitor.

TRAKIt for the Public Sector - multiple jurisdictions (Atherton, Belmont, Redwood City, San Bruno) are using to manage projects.


Public Participation 

coUrbanize - Company out of Boston that specializes in online community engagement tools for planners, municipaliaties and real estate developers.