Key Documents and Frequently Used Resources

The best way to use the 21 Elements resources is one section at a time. Pull up your old Housing Element and choose what section you will work on. Look in the jurisdiction specific material folder and the countywide material below. Don't forget to review the specific page for more resources (for example, key outreach material is summarized here, but there are more resources on the Outreach Page). Remember, different jurisdictions signed up for different packages, so not all material is available for all municipalities.

Table of Contents

Jurisdiction Specific Materials

Included are Housing Needs, HE Evaluations, AFFH materials, and Community Engagement materials. If you need access to jurisdiction specific materials, contact Emily Robbins (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

Atherton | Belmont | Brisbane | Burlingame | City of San Mateo | Colma | Daly City | East Palo Alto | Foster City | Half Moon Bay | Hillsborough | Menlo Park | Millbrae | Pacifica | Portola Valley | Redwood City | San Bruno | San Carlos |South San Francisco | Unincorporated San Mateo County | Woodside 


Countywide Materials 

RHNA 5 Evaluation

21 Elements met with jurisdictions to review what was accomplished in their previous Housing Element. We then provided a strike-through/underline version for jurisdictions to work from. There is also a narrative summarizing key accomplishments. This is in your jurisdiction specific folder.  

 Housing Needs Data

There are three parts to this: big-picture countywide trends; short bullet point list of key facts; and an ABAG-supplied narrative write-up of all HCD required information. The first resource is below and the second two resources are in your jurisdiction specific folder. Be sure to read ABAG's instructions for how to use their data (instructions below). Also check the At-Risk Affordable Housing Document (below), to see if your jurisdiction has any at-risk units.

 Countywide Outreach

21 Elements did multi-city kickoff meetings, a meeting focused on RHNA, a four-part stake holder listening series, and topic-specific public webinars. There was also an equity advisory group. The big-picture summary for inclusion in your housing element is the first bullet, below. The summary for your jurisdiction specific meeting is in your jurisdiction's folder. Summaries for each meeting are on the community engagement page. 21 Elements also encouraged people to share their stories, which are collected in the second bullet.  ABAG has two sources of funding for interpretation - one for online outreach programs and one for in person programs. See the Community Engagement page for more information on these.  Also, don't forget about the Let's Talk Housing Resources and Materials


21 Elements hired Root Policy to update the previous countywide fair housing assessment and develop jurisdiction-specific AFFH data summaries, narratives and related materials. These can be found in the jurisdiction specific folders. Root Policy also developed other tools and guidance, which are listed and linked below. There is detailed guidance provided in the first item, Memorandum on Finishing Your AFFH (also known as the magic decoder ring). We recommend starting there, which will help you understand and use the other resources, in addition to local info and knowledge, to develop your final draft AFFH sections and policies for your Housing Element.


21 Elements did a survey comparing city fees for several types of development. They also hired Century Urban to look at the cost to build. 

 Sites Inventory

In collaboration with ECONorthwest, 21 Elements supported many member jurisdictions in evaluating potential rezoning strategies early in the housing element update process. Results were emailed to jurisdictions. If you need another copy contact David (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Josh Ellsworth (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The Sites Inventory page also provides links to key guidance memos and tools to support jurisdictions with their site inventories. Also, be sure to confirm your ADU assumptions match HCDs records

 Policies and Programs

21 Elements met with full package jurisdictions and provided a short list of policies and programs, based on two conversations with jurisdictions. These were emailed to jurisdiction staff. They also provided a underline/strike through version of RHNA 6 policies and programs. Edits were suggested based on the RHNA 5 evaluation and language that did not appear specific enough to meet HCD's requirements. These were also emailed. If you met with Janet Stone, be sure to review her memo about your Housing Trust Fund (in your jurisdiction specific folder). Also, don't forget PBot if you want more ideas for policies and programs. See the Policies and Programs page for more ideas to include in your Housing Element. 


Certification Resources

Housing Element certification resources including resources for the builder's remedy and Housing Element adoption before HCD approval are now available on the Certification Resources page.