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annual report sample.docx

This is a sample annual report for affordable housing impact fees, in accordance with the Mitigation Fee Act

audio Barbara Kautz Inclusionary Zoning Presentation Audio Popular

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A recording of Barbara Kautz's 1/23/14 presentation on inclusionary zoning and the nexus study.  Accompanies "The Current State of Inclusionary Housing" slides. 

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Belmont Draft Commercial Report_20151103.pdf

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Belmont Draft Residential Report_20151103.pdf

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city plans_7_15_16.docx

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Public Draft Model Commercial Nexus 5_12_15.pdf

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decision points for impact fees.docx

Presents some key choices when crafting a policy (e.g. does the fee apply equally in all areas of town, should it be phased in, etc) 

pdf Do Inclusionary Requirements Halt Development_Shelterforce Popular

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One page summary from Shelterforce Magazine about the effects of Inclusionary requirements on new development

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Fee Comparison Table Revised June 2018.xlsx

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Fee Comparison Table Revised May 2016.xls

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Fee Comparison Table Revised November 2016.xlsx

Updated Nov 29th, 2016

document Foster City Affordable Housing Nexus Study Council Report-8-10-15.rev.8-4-15 Popular

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Affordable Housing Nexus Study CCSR-8-10-15.rev.8-4-15.doc

pdf Grand Nexus Study Summary and Final Report March 2016 Popular

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Grand Nexus Study Final Report March 2016.pdf

This full color document summarizes the Grand Nexus Study process. 

document Hearing Notice - Commercial Linkage and Residential Housing Fees Popular

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Form Hearing Notice - Commercial Linkage and Residential Housing Fees.DOCX

Source: Barbra Kautz

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Development and Revenue Calculator.xlsx

Use this excel calculator to estimate the fees that can be raised in any jurisdiction or countywide. 

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Impact Fee Staff Report Template_5_11_16.docx

Sample staff report.

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inclusionary and impact fees_september_2018.xlsx

pdf Legal Issues - Nexus Studies - Final Version Popular

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Legal Issues - Nexus Studies - Final Version.pdf

This is a memo from Barbara Kautz at Goldfarb and Lipman that summarizes legal issues regarding impact fees.