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pdf Half Moon Bay ADU Standards Popular

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Half Moon Bay ADU Standards.pdf

pdf HCD ADU Memo Cover Letter Popular

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ADU Memo Cover Letter.pdf

pdf HCD ADU Memo Final Popular

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ADU Memo Final.pdf

document HCD informational bulletin Popular

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HCD informational bulletin.docx

Bulletin about building code changes

pdf Hillsborough ADU Ordinance CC Dec 2016 Popular

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Hillsborough ADU Ordinance CC Dec 2016.pdf

pdf Hillsborough ADU Standards Popular

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2019.08.21 Hillsborough ADU Factsheet.pdf

Updated ADU Standards Factsheet as of August 21, 2019

pdf Junior Second Units Fact Sheet Popular

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Junior Second Units Fact Sheet__final.pdf


document Junior Second Units Fact Sheet_editable_4_9_16 Popular

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Junior Second Units Fact Sheet_editable_4_9_16.docx

document Junior Second Units Presentation Popular

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Junior Second Units Presentation.pptx

Part 2 of the Junior Second Units PowerPoint presentation at the March 24, 2016 21 Elements TAC meeting ((#28)

pdf Jurisdiction Standards Summary Table Popular

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Jurisdiction Standards Summary Table Revised 8.21.19.pdf

spreadsheet Jurisdiction Standards Summary Table_2017.09.25 Popular

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Jurisdiction Standards Summary Table Revised 8.21.19.xlsx

pdf Law-Alert-9-30-16-New-State-Laws-Clear-Path-for-Second-Units-Local-Ordinances-Must-Be-Updated-by-January-2017 Popular

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Law Alert from Goldfarb and Lipman

pdf League of Cities Guidance on ADUs Popular

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League of Cities guidance on ADUs.pdf

pdf Menlo Park ADU Standards (draft) Popular

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Menlo Park ADU Standards (draft).pdf

pdf Millbrae ADU Standards (draft) Popular

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Millbrae ADU Standards (draft).pdf

pdf Pacifica ADU Standards Popular

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Pacifica ADU Standards.pdf

document Portola Valley ADU Standards Popular

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2019.5.27 Portola Valley.docx

Updated as of May 2019

pdf Portola Valley New ADU Regulations 05.19 Popular

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ADU Code Handout Portola Valley Update.pdf

Newest update to Portola Valley's ADU regulations.

pdf Redwood City ADU Standards Popular

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2019.01.23 Redwood City.pdf

pdf RFQ-calculator Popular

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