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pdf League of Cities Guidance on ADUs Popular

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Download (pdf, 256 KB)

League of Cities guidance on ADUs.pdf

pdf Menlo Park ADU Standards (draft) Popular

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Download (pdf, 72 KB)

Menlo Park Standards 2.26.20.pdf

pdf Millbrae ADU Standards (draft) Popular

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Download (pdf, 62 KB)

Millbrae Standards 2.26.20.pdf

pdf Pacifica ADU Standards Popular

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Download (pdf, 76 KB)

Pacifica Standards 2.26.20.pdf

pdf Portola Valley ADU Standards Popular

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Download (pdf, 68 KB)

Portola Valley Standards 2.26.20.pdf

Updated as of October 2019

pdf Portola Valley New ADU Regulations 05.19 Popular

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Download (pdf, 441 KB)

ADU Code Handout Portola Valley Update.pdf

Newest update to Portola Valley's ADU regulations.

pdf Redwood City ADU Standards Popular

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Redwood City Standards 2.26.20.pdf

pdf RFQ-calculator Popular

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document Rocklin ADU Ordinance draft Popular

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Rocklin ADU Ordinance_draft.docx

Draft. Not approved by HCD. 

pdf San Bruno ADU Standards (draft) Popular

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Download (pdf, 70 KB)

San Bruno Standards 2.26.20.pdf

pdf San Carlos ADU Standards Popular

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San Carlos Standards 2.26.20.pdf

pdf San Mateo City ADU Standards Popular

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San Mateo City Standards 2.26.20.pdf

pdf San Mateo County ADU Standards Popular

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County of San Mateo Standards 2.26.20.pdf

pdf South San Francisco ADU Standards Popular

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Download (pdf, 71 KB)

South San Francisco Standards 2.26.20.pdf

pdf Title 24 and ADUs Popular

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Title 24 ADU Handout 03032020.pdf

Source: Gina Rodda

audio Title 24 presentation recording Popular

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title 24 presentation.mp3

pdf Woodside ADU Standards Popular

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Woodside Standards 2.26.20.pdf