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document 2019 ADU New Laws Summary Popular

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ADU New Laws One Pager Draft 01.30.20.docx

A stand-alone summary of the 6 new ADU bills signed into law in 2019. In effect January 1, 2020. Includes alphabetical table.

pdf 2019 New Housing Laws Overview Popular

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21 Elements 2019 New Laws Overview.pdf

An overview summarizing the most impactful 2019 housing laws, with emphasis on SB330. Presented at New Laws meeting November 12, 2019.

pdf 2019 New Laws Priority Table Popular

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New Laws Table.pdf

Table of 2019 New housing laws sorted by High and Medium Action and Important to Know.

document 2019 New Laws Slidedeck 11.19.19 Popular

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21 Elements New Laws 2019 Slidedeck 4 Updated 11.19.19.pptx

A summary of 2019 housing laws and funding opportunities presensted at the New Laws meeting on November 12, 2019.

document 2019 New Laws Staff Report Popular

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2019 New Laws Staff Report Updated 12.18.19.docx

Updated template staff report regarding the 2019 new laws, including SB 330 and the six bills on ADUs.

document 2019 New Laws Staff Report Slidedeck Popular

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2019 New Laws Staff Report Slidedeck 12.18.19.pptx

Slidedeck to accompany template staff report on 2019 new laws, including SB 330 and the 6 new ADU bills.

Image 2019 New Laws Twu Illustration Popular

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2019 Bills Illustration 09.25.19.png

Illustration by Alfred Twu of the new laws as of September 25, 2019

document 21 Elements CA State Housing Law 2020 6 29 20 draft Popular

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21 Elements CA State Housing Law 2020 6.29.20 draft.pptx

pdf Affordability Levels Updated AMI 11 19 19 Popular

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Affordability Levels Updated AMI 11.19.19.pdf

A table summarzing the percent of households in various income levels in the jurisdictions of San Mateo County. IN response to SB 330, passed November, 2019.

pdf Goldfarb + Lipman 2019 Tenant Protections Summary Popular

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Tenant Protections Goldfarb & Lipman.pdf

Summary of recently passed tenant protection laws signed into law November 2019.

pdf SB 330 FlowChart Updated 11 19 19 Popular

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SB 330 FlowChart Updated 11.19.19.pdf

Informational Flowchart of newly passed SB 330, 2 Step Application and Approval Process.

pdf Surplus Lands Act (AB 1486) Infographic Popular

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AB1486 Flowchart Final.pdf

An illustrated graphic of the process jurisdictions will need to follow to inventory, declare and dispose of their surplus land. Updated Jan 2020.