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2019 laws powerpoint.pptx

Developed for the April 25th Planning Director Meeting, this slide deck gives an overview of important housing bills as well as a deeper dive into SB 50.

pdf CA Legislation Highlights 2019 Graphic Popular

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CA Housing Legislation Hightlights 2019.pdf

Graphic designed by Alfred Twu showing major housing bills currently in the state legislature, April 2019.

pdf Mapping Opportunities CA Methodology Popular

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Mapping Opportunity CA.pdf

Methodology produced by the Urban Displacement Project at UC Berkeley that compares jobs to housing.

pdf SB 50 City Scale Example San Mateo County April 2019 Popular

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SB50 City Map 4.24.19 Legend Update.pdf

Countywide map for San Mateo showing potential impacts of SB 50.

pdf SB 50 San Mateo County April 2019 Popular

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SB50 Countywide Map 4.24.19 Legend Update.pdf

document SB 50 Summary 5.07.19 Popular

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SB 50 Summary 5.7.19.docx

Summary produced for Planning Director meeting analyzing what we know to do date about SB 50 and its potential impacts.

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An illustration of the SB 50 Process as of April 2019 by Alfred Twu.

document Summary of 2019 Housing Laws Popular

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Summary 2019 laws__21 Elements.docx

A categorization and one sentence summary of 2019 housing laws, followed by more lengthy descriptions by MTC. Last updated 5.21.19.

pdf Upzoning California: Implication of SB 50 Popular

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Upzoning California- Implications of SB 50 for Bay Area.pdf