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spreadsheet At Risk Housing Jx Information Popular

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21 Elements At Risk Jurisdiction Information.xlsx

Information from California Housing Partnership's Preservation Database about "at-risk" deed-restricted affordable housing developments in the jurisdictions of San Mateo County.

spreadsheet At-risk HUD and LIHTC property list Popular

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At-Risk property list.xlsx

pdf Countywide Housing and Demographic Trends Popular

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Countywide Trends_jan_2014.pdf

Countywide housing needs trends. Jan 2014. 

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Countywide Trends_Jan_2014.docx

Countywide housing need trends. Jan 2014. 

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Draft Housing Elements Tables.doc

document Housing Element Definitions Popular

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Housing Element Definitions_3_15_14.docx

Definition of terms used in and useful for Housing Elements.  Updated 3/15/14