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pdf Adjusting to Palmer - Inclusionary article Popular

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Kautz - Inclusionary article.pdf

Handout from Chris Mohr's talk.

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pdf Graduated Density Zoning (Link) Popular

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The inspiration for San Bruno's graduated FAR zoning came from Donald Shoup, UCLA. Here is a link to one of his articles about it.

default Inclusionary Zoning After Palmer and Patterson Popular

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Additional handout from Chris Mohr.

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Thanks to Daniel Ionescu for this presentation.

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TAC Meeting #12_Powerpoint.ppt

document Pushing FAR Further Powerpoint Popular

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Pushing FAR_aknin.ppt

Powerpoint about using graduated Floor Area Ratios to encourage small lot consolidation. Thanks to Aaron Aknin, Community Development Director for San Bruno, for the great presentation.

pdf San Mateo County Homeownership Programs Assessment Popular

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San Mateo County Regional Assessment_low res2.pdf

This newly released report summarizes an assessment of affordable homeownership programs in the county. It lists 12 key best management practices and looks at countywide trends.