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pdf Building Industry Association Letter_11_25_2013 Popular

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BIA Letter_11_25_2013.pdf

Copy of letter sent by BIA to all jurisdictions

pdf City of San Mateo Newsletter Spring 2014 Popular

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San Mateo Newsletter_Spring_2014.pdf

pdf Foster City Newsletter 1/23/14 Popular

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Foster City Newsletter_1_23_14.pdf

pdf Golden Gate Regional Center Letter Popular

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Letter from Golden Gate Regional Center. This was sent to Menlo Park, but much of the content is relevant to other jurisdictions. 

pdf HIP Housing Letter Popular

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HIP Housing Cmnt.pdf

Letter from HIP Housing to the jurisdictions of San Mateo County commenting on the Housing Element update. 

spreadsheet Housing Element Stakeholder List Popular

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Stakeholders list 1_14.xlsx

This list includes nonprofits and others who have asked to be kept informed about the Housing Element process. Update 1/14/2014. 

pdf Housing Leadership Council's List of Policies Popular

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Potential policies for jurisdictions to consider from Housing Leadership Council. 

pdf Menlo Park Newsletter Fall 2013 Popular

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MP HE 11x17 Newsletter_Fall_2013.pdf

pdf Outreach Summary Popular

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Outreach Summary.pdf

Summarizes policy suggestions from special needs panels at TAC meetings, October 2013-April 2014. 

pdf Pacifica Housing Element 2015-2023 Popular

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Pacifica Housing Element 2015-2023 - General Plan Update GPA-90-15 - FINAL ADOPTED VERSION - 20150512.pdf

Final version

pdf Pacifica Initial Study and Negative Declaration Popular

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Pacifica Initial Study and Negative Declaration - Housing Element 2015-2013 - Adopted Version - 20150512.pdf


document Public Participation Plan Popular

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public participation plan.doc

pdf Redwood City Newsletter Popular

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Redwood City News_11_14_13.pdf

pdf SAMCAR Letter Popular

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Housing Element Comments-X[1].pdf

Letter from SAMCAR to the jurisdictions of San Mateo County about the Housing Element Update. 

pdf San Bruno Newsletter Feb 2014 Popular

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San Bruno News_2_24_14.pdf