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pdf 10 County DOH Loan Policies June 2020 Popular

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10_County DOH Loan Policies June 2020.pdf

pdf 11 CHPC Local Preservation Strategies 2019 Popular

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pdf 12 Jordan Court Afford Hsg Berkeley Groundbreaking SAHA 2020.11.12 Popular

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12_Jordan Court Afford Hsg-Berkeley-Groundbreaking-SAHA- 2020-11-12.pdf

pdf 13 Immanuel Sobrato Afford Hsg San Jose MidPen Housing Popular

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13_Immanuel-Sobrato Afford Hsg San José–MidPen Housing.pdf

pdf 21E Affordable Housing Finance 101 Popular

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21E Affordable Housing Finance 101.pdf

pdf AHSC Update Fact Sheet_3_24_16 Popular

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AHSC Update Fact Sheet_3_24_16.pdf

Latest information (as of March 2016) on the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) funding.

pdf RFP 7 for Developer - Middlefield Junction 7.10.18 Popular

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7_RFP for Developer - Middlefield Junction 07-10-18.pdf

pdf RFP 8 for Developer -Midway-Bayshore-2017.6.28 Popular

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8_RFP for Developer -Midway-Bayshore-2017-06-28 final.pdf

pdf RFP 9 for Developer - Bradford Afford Hsg - 6.19.15 Popular

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9_RFP for Developer - Bradford Afford Hsg - 06-19-15.pdf

pdf RFQ 1 - Afford Hsg Financial Consultant Popular

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1_RFQ - Afford Hsg Financial Consultant.pdf

pdf RFQ 2 - Afford Hsg Financial Consultant QA as of 1.5.2021 Popular

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2_RFQ - Afford Hsg Financial Consultant QA as of 1-5-2021.pdf

pdf RFQ 3 - Affordable Housing Homeless Services Consultants Fillable Popular

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3_RFQ - Affordable Housing Homeless Services Consultants FILLABLE.pdf

pdf RFQ 4 - Homekey Development Partners Popular

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4_RFQ - Homekey Development Partners.pdf

pdf RFQ 5 Daly City - Qualified Developers 3.31.17 Popular

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5_RFQ - Daly City - Qualified Developers 3-31-17.pdf

pdf RFQ 6 Bay Meadows Site - City of San Mateo Popular

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6_RFQ - Bay Meadows site - City of San Mateo.pdf