Tools for Deploying a Housing Trust Fund

Below are useful resources for jurisdictions deploying their Housing Trust Fund.

Here are six RFQ examples for various purposes, including selecting an affordable housing financial consultant, a housing services consultant, a Homekey program property developer, or a qualified affordable housing developer. These RFQs provide ideas and a structure for jurisdictions drafting their own RFQ.

  • Financial Consultants, RFQ - County of San Mateo 
  • Financial Consultants, Due Diligence Q&A, RFQ - County of San Mateo
  • Homeless Services Consultants, RFQ - County of Alameda 
  • Homekey Development Partners, RFQ - County of San Mateo 
  • Qualified Developers, RFQ - Daly City
  • Developer for the Bay Meadows Site, RFQ - City of San Mateo

Here are three RFP examples for soliciting site-specific affordable housing proposals.

  • Developer for the Middlefield Junction Site, RFP - County of San Mateo
  • Developer for the Midway/Bayshore Site, RFP - County of San Mateo
  • Developer for the Bradford Site, RFP - Redwood City

Here are housing trust fund loan policies, affordability preservation strategies, and examples of two press releases for new affordable housing developments built on the properties of religious organizations. 

  • Loan Policies, Policies - County of San Mateo Dept. of Housing
  • Local Gov. Preservation Strategies, Best Practices - California Housing Partnership
  • Jordan Court Affordable Housing, Press Release - 
  • Immanuel-Sobrato Affordable Housing, Press Release -

Here is a 21 page resource document outlining specific tools and strategies for your jurisdiction to use when deploying a housing trust fund.

  • Housing Trust Fund Tools and Strategy Memo, word doc

Here is a list of affordable housing consultants who work with local government clients.

  •  List of Affordable Housing Consultants, Spreadsheet